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"It's Time To Turn Your Etsy Shop IDEA Into A Thriving Passive Income Business!"

Discover how to create a successful Art Printables Etsy shop and start making serious SALES and INCOME this year!

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Create Awesome Income And Sales From Selling Art Printables On Etsy In 2024!

Make Money From Your Creativity This Coming Year!

Hello there, I’m Laura and I help new online sellers create super profitable digital product income streams and achieve financial freedom in their spare time!

I'm the proud owner of a fun Art Printable Etsy Shop that consistently brings me in passive income each month, and I also have a wonderful course that's gone on to teach over 600+ STUDENTS how to use their creativity and passion to make Art Printable SALES as well!

I’ve personally sold 1000's of digital products and had the wonderful privilege to support and watch so many of my lovely students hit their SALES GOALS too!

There is nothing as exciting as watching my students hit their 1st,10th,100th, and 1000th printable SALE in their Etsy shops...

And I want to show you how to SMASH your art printable goals and sky-rocket your income using the strategy I break down in this course!

I'm so happy that my step-by-step strategy has enabled 100s of fellow printable sellers to SKY-ROCKET their Etsy income over the last few years!

And I want to help you ACHIEVE your own art printable goals and jump-start your online income by selling your own Art Printables!

*Sounds pretty fun huh!*

I receive payments that flow into my bank account from Etsy which I use to pay bills, grow my savings, and put toward my financial future!

I'm truly thankful to my past self for having the courage to step out of my comfort zone and build my Art Printable Etsy Shop, so I've been able to enjoy the benefits from it over and over again.

It's such a wonderful way to use your creativity and spare time to make income from the comfort of your home!

I've created this course to show you EXACTLY how to set up and scale your own art printable Etsy shop, so you can bypass all the guesswork and SIMPLY focus on making sales and income in the months to come!

From Choosing the right Art Printable Niche, Designing Your Shop Branding, and Creating Super High-Quality and SAFE Art Printables...

To Mastering Your S.E.O, Driving in External Traffic And Sales, and growing your ALL IMPORTANT Email List...

This course includes EVERYTHING you need to create a Successful Art Printable Etsy Shop that ACTUALLY makes SALES!


32 Clear Step-By-Step Video Tutorials
An In-Depth Successful Etsy Shop Checklist
Links To All The Tools You'll Need To Grow Your Shop
And An Private Facebook Community To Ask Your Questions!

ALL the information inside this course has not only been used by ME...
But also by 100's of Art Printables On Etsy STUDENTS as well!

So it's been TRIED, TESTED, and PROVED over and over again to work!

Watch An Interview With A Course Student To Learn How It Helped Her Sky-Rocket Her Income To $2.5K Per Month!

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Woohoo, It's time to roll up your sleeves and have FUN building your own Art Printable Etsy Shop so you can skyrocket your income in 2024!

With the help of this wonderful Art Printables Course, you can easily create an Art Printable Etsy Shop that will jump-start your income this YEAR using ONLY your computer and your CREATIVITY.

Yup, if you're looking for a creative way to bring in extra $1000s this year, and you get excited at the idea of using Art Printables to do it...

Then this course is going to be the perfect tool to help you EFFICIENTLY put everything together and start making REAL DIGITAL PRODUCT INCOME as soon as possible!

I've included ALL the steps you NEED to take to create an Art Printable Business that can TRULY make sales inside this course, in the form of 32 short video tutorials, a step-by-step checklist, workbook and additional resources.

The method I teach isn't ONLY proven by me in my Etsy shop, but also by so many of my STUDENTS who have gone on to achieve all the milestones they need to hit to make SERIOUS income!

(e.g. Creating and listing their FIRST printables, making their FIRST sales, getting their FIRST 5-star Reviews, and making their FIRST BIG wads of income!)

It's super simple to set up your Etsy Shop and work on it at your own pace...

And I wanted to create this course to take away ALL of the FAFF so you can use your time wisely, and build an Etsy Business that brings you consistent sales and income each month!

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I started Laura's Art Printables On Etsy course at the end of last year.

I can honestly say that it's the most amazing course I have ever taken...
And i've taken quite a few!

Laura's teaching method is clear, concise and easy to understand. Not only that, but Laura is kind and helpful and goes the absolute extra mile to help each and every member of her course when they need it!

With my Etsy shop really beginning to pick up now, I am truly grateful that I discovered this amazing course and would recommend it to anyone wanting to start an art printable shop!

- Joanna Holloway, Student on the Art Printables On Etsy Course!

"I would just like to compliment you on your Art Printable's Course.


I brought this course and got started straight away. The first part of the course was brilliant, I learnt quickly and it really gave me the confidence to start designing from the ideas that were crowding my head.

For anyone considering giving it a go

- Rachel Precious, Student on the Art Printables On Etsy Course!


Who Is A Passive Income Art Printable Business Perfect For?

  • Are you sick and tired of wasting your valuable time everyday, working for someone else just to pay the bills?
  • Are you scared that you’ll be stuck working 9-5 for the rest of your life just to afford the lifestyle you want?
  • Are you tired of seeing entrepreneurs making CRAZY ‘passive’ income online, whilst your tirelessly working away to make ‘just enough’?
  • Can you imagine how you would feel if ‘YOU’ finally had a proven step by step approach to creating your own passive income business, so you could finally sit back, enjoy life and know your automated income stream is paying YOU each and every month?

The Solution!

If you said YES to any of these questions, then you’ve landed in the perfect spot, and I’m going to share with you the exact method I (and my students) have used to create thousands in income through SELLING art printables on Etsy!

Access The Lessons In The Art Printables On Etsy Course!

“Laura is so passionate about what she is teaching!

She is genuine and real with her lessons, and shows she truly cares about our success.I love that she gets back to every question with sound advice.

It’s like having your very own personal business coach!

The Facebook group is awesome!

There are a lot of good conversations going on in there as well, with truly great tips.It’s nice to know others are right there with you on the journey.

Thank you Laura”

- Kathy Tice, Student on the Art Printables On Etsy Course!

"Laura, thank you so much for creating this course.

Your step-by-step system made things absolutely clear for me. Finally!

In my case, months of reading random online tips about selling art printables, running an Etsy shop and marketing in general just lead me to a mediocre shop.

However, after taking your awesome course I had so many insightful moments while learning how to build my shop. I really can't tell you how much I appreciate you and your support!

Thankyou again.

Oh, and you are definitely spoiling us with that exclusive additional content in our Facebook group :D"

- Jania, Student on the Art Printables On Etsy Course!


Get started on building your own AMAZING digital product business today and start scaling your passive income to $1000s per month!

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Course Curriculum

  Module 8: Lets Get Automated - Hacks To Make Running Your Shop Even More Passive!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonus - The next step | Lets Get Physical!
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Congratulations - You've done it!
Available in days
days after you enroll


"Im very glad I decided to buy Lauras ‘Art Printables on Etsy’ course. I was a complete newbie to ‘digitals’ just a couple of months ago but I’ve learned much more than I expected and am now confident enough to have listed 40 digital prints on Etsy and even made a few sales.

Laura is not just a knowledgable expert in her field, she is a gifted teacher in that she covers all you need to know, but without burdening you. She gets just the right balance so that the modules are easy to follow, yet rich in content.

I’ve gone over the course several times and seem to find something new each time as my capacity to understand each topic increases.
A great bonus of this course is access to the members Facebook Group which is a never ending source of support from other members and Laura herself!

Here I have to say that Laura's commitment to helping her students with every type of question is amazing!

She doesn’t just give stock answers but takes the time to probe behind the question and study your shop to give you a detailed on point reply which is unique to your business but also relevant to others too.

In summary I would highly recommend Laura's ‘Art Printables on Etsy course’ as well as subscribing to her Youtube channel!"

- Ray McSharry, Student on the Art Printables On Etsy Course


"I am an Etsy Shop owner. I sell Handmade Cake Toppers and Cupcake Toppers.

I was looking for a way to expand my product range, I wanted to sell Printable Party Games and Signs, for Baby Showers and Bridal Showers.

I opened my second shop and started to sell my games. I had some success but knew that if I wanted to continue to grow, I would need to learn about branding, marketing and promoting my shop!

I have followed Laura on her YouTube Channel EvaKnows from the start, I find her content informative, and I love how motivating she is.

When Laura announced her course, I was super excited for her as I knew she would be awesome at creating and running a digital course.

I signed up and I am so pleased I did!

Although I have been selling on Etsy for a couple of years, I have learnt so much from the course. I now have a vision of how I would like my shops to look, the customers I want to target.

I know HOW I'm going to market my shops...

Most importantly I now know, I have the capacity to make Etsy my full time income, and I see my shop as a brand, which has boosted my confidence.

I would not hesitate to sign up for this course!

The course is thorough, easy to follow, has plenty of resources, and the extra content and support given in the Facebook group is really valuable"

- Georgina Allen, Student on the 'Art Printables On Etsy' Course



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This Awesome ‘Art Printables On Etsy' Course Includes...

The Art Printables on Etsy (32 Tutorial Videos) Course -

(Worth $258)

Art Printables On Etsy Booster Resources (Workbook, Cheatsheet + Planner) -

(Worth $50)

Plus A Social Bonus…

Access to the Exclusive ‘Art Printables on Etsy' Facebook group where i’ll be hanging out to answer your questions and guide you as much as I can!

(Worth $120)

That’s a total value of $428 for everything this course contains!

Thats $428 (Incl vat)!

But… that’s not what you’re going to pay today!

When you join today you’re going to get COMPLETE access to the course + all of the bonuses listed here for just…


That's a HUGE $218 in savings just from buying Today!

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Here Are Just A Few Of The Awesome Goodies Included In This Course!

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Got Questions?? I Got You Covered Girl!

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days with a link to your Etsy shop and any problems or issues that you're having and I will be happy to give you any advice and guidance I can before sending you off with a full refund to pursue your passive income goals somewhere else! Your success is what really matters to me and I will do everything I can to help you achieve your goals even if it's not the right course for you.
I’ve never owned an Etsy shop before, is this course suitable for complete newbies?
Yes, this course is PERFECT for complete Etsy newbies. It will take you all the way from setting-up your Etsy account, branding your Etsy shop, creating your art printables and driving killer traffic to your products. All in easy to follow step-by-step lessons that you can complete as fast or as slowly as you want! The course is completely self paced and has everything you need to grow your passive income business in months. It's also yours for life, so if you need to take a breathe or just want to take your time then you're in no rush to get everything done at once!
I already have a struggling art printable Etsy shop, can this course help me grow my traffic and sales?
Yes, this course has super awesome modules on customizing your entire Etsy shop to attract your perfect target audience, how to master your SEO to ensure you're making the most of Etsy's algorithm and create awesome automated traffic and sales funnels that drive customers in on auto-pilot. It's the perfect resource to use to give your Etsy shop a monster AUDIT and to discover the holes that are causing your sales and traffic to flip flop rather than sky-rocket! I actually used this exact method to overhaul my entire existing Etsy shop and turn it around from a struggling £30 a month business to one that brings in £100's a month on auto-pilot!
I’m not super tech savy, business minded or artistic will I be able follow along on the course?
Yes, i've created this course for the exact kind of person I am... Just a normal girl! I'm not a computer whizz kid, I had no idea how to grow a business online when I started out and although I love to get super creative when I make products for my Etsy shop I'm not a natural painter, drawer or graphic design artist at all. But I promise you, I was able to grow my art print business to make me over £10,000 and I know you have the ability to do that too. This course is designed to help you learn and improve all of these skills as you go along and believe me, if every technical, business related or creative aspect of growing an art printable business was easy enough for me to do... Then I know you can do them all aswell! I will guide you every step of the way on this course and as it's self paced, you have the freedom to take as much time as you want to complete each module and gain complete confidence in your new found skills before you move on! You got this girl, don't let self doubt hold you back!
I'm very limited on free time, will I still be able to follow this course and get results?
YES, whether you plan to dive right in and work tirelessly to get your Etsy shop up and running OR you need to take it a little slower and go at your own pace to grow your Etsy shop this course is perfect for anyone who eventually wants to build a passive income stream that really WORKS! If you're super limited on time then of course it might take you a little longer than someone else to get up and running but as the course is yours forever there is no need for you to race to get results. Go at your own pace, calve out as much time as possible to work on your Etsy shop and stay persistent along your journey and you WILL see results! Trust me, those few precious hours you spend each day to put towards growing your Etsy shop will be well worth it in the end when you start to see passive income flow into your bank account each and every month!

Click the button below and you’ll be taken to a secure payment page so you can enter you’re details and jump straight into the ‘Art Printables On Etsy’ Course right now!

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I’m so excited to see you on the course and in the Facebook group lovely.

You’re about to grow one kick-ass passive income stream that’ll soon start working for you and not the other way round.