Lets Get Our Mindset Ready To Go!

Putting the Hard Work in First!

Before we dive right into the bulk of the course (AKA: ALL the steps you need to take to create a kick-ass art printable Etsy shop) I want to share a Super Essential Truth with you and make sure you're 100% aware of one really important fact...


I talk about this in almost every one of my blogs and videos when i'm mentioning anything about passive income.

And, I feel like I always want to do this because it's such a common and widely spread myth in the online world that making passive income is EASY and the FAST TRACK route to making money online.

Well I want you to stop believing that crazy myth right here...

Because there is no point in you starting out on your passive income journey thinking that you DON'T need to put in some serious hard work upfront and that it's only going to take you a matter of days to start making £1000's online!

I would NEVER try and sell that rubbish myth to you because I want you to succeed in growing a passive income stream you can truly rely on and you enjoy creating from the ground up!

Passive income is AMAZING, it's LIFE-CHANGING and given enough time and energy to grow, it can literally sky-rocket your financial situation and your financial future to a whole new level (all from the comfort of your home!)

AND YES, if you carefully follow a step-by-step process and put in the hard work to grow and nurture your passive income stream upfront, you really can create a kick-ass online business that brings you consistent passive income each month.

(I've done that and I'm here to help YOU do exactly that too!)

But i'm not going to lie to you and pretend that you won't need to put the hard work and the focus in first, because that's exactly what we're about to do together in the following months and I want you to be prepped and ready to succeed in ALL your passive income goals as we go along.

This course is a step-by-step guide to help you reach each of those passive income goals as soon as possible!

I've created the 'Art Printables On Etsy' course so I can hold your hand every step of the way along your journey.

And I promise you, at the end of this course you'll not only have a kick-ass online business bringing you in awesome 'passive' income on a monthly basis but you'll also be trained in the basic fundamental elements you need to create a successful online passive income stream from scratch!...

Oh yes, once you've followed this course you can go on to create even more kick-ass online income streams utilizing all the awesome skills you've learned!

So, you still with me lovely?

Okay, so I haven't scared you off yet? Hooray! 

I'm so happy that you're on this course with me and that you're ready to commit to setting your first passive income business up!

During this course I'm going to be taking you step by step through setting up your art printable Etsy shop and putting in place amazing traffic and sales funnels that will enable your Etsy income to grow and thrive!

All I want you to do is implement each of the following modules as best as you possibly can and I know that if you keep knocking each one of these lessons out of the park, you'll have a passive income stream that's making £100's in passive income in just a few short months!

You know you can do this girl!

And, don't panic the best thing about owning your own Etsy shop is that you've got no boss leaning over your shoulder slapping deadlines on you!

Take this course at your own pace and focus on completing each module one step at a time.

I got you and we're going to achieve this together!

So lets get started with setting up your Etsy shop first...


Download the Art Printables On Etsy course checklist on the next page and keep a copy of it by your computer at all times, so you can easily tick off each task you complete in the coming weeks!