How To Stay Motivated On Your Etsy Journey!

Lets Stay Motivated Through This Whole Process!

Whether you're creating your very first passive income stream or you've already got a struggling Etsy shop that needs some serious love and attention you need to know exactly WHY you're about to hand over your precious FREE TIME to achieve this goal!

I want you to be prepared and ready to take on the trials and successes of creating an online business and the #1 tool you're going to need in you inventory is Motivation!

The key to motivation is having a plan to hold you accountable- it's about knowing your WHY and then breaking that down into manageable chunks.

So, let's start by creating a strong foundation of clear set goals and realistic time lines to keep you focused for the coming months!

Take a few moments to read through the section below and get super prepped for the coming weeks:

#1: Write down your big GOAL!

Creating a passive income stream can take time and persistence to build and I want you to be able to look back on EXACTLY why you started this amazing journey in the months to come.

Write down in a BIG notebook AND in the comments below all the reasons that you want to create passive income.

  • Is it to be able to free yourself from the constant money for time exchange of a normal 9-5 job?
  • Is it a good way to help you create more income from the comfort of your home?
  • Or will it be an awesome creative outlet that also helps you work towards your financial freedom in the long run?

What would it mean to you to be able to create an extra $300, $500, $1000+ a month?

Your BIG WHY is going to be key to keeping you motivated and pushing forward as you grow your Etsy shop income and BEYOND!

#2: Give Yourself Realistic Time Scales To Achieve Your Goals!

It's super essential for you to remember that your passive income journey is not a sprint it's a marathon.

And it's just as important that you know that it's OK for you to take time to grow your traffic and monthly sales to the level you want!

I completely understand what it feels like to want to achieve ALL your passive income goals overnight...

BUT I also know that -realistically- it takes time and energy to grow your knowledge, your skills and your systems in order to see these amazing results.

I want you to give yourself at least 30 days from when you finish a big task (e.g. changing up your SEO keywords, creating your traffic funnels) before you go back and analyze your results.

This will give you enough time to really measure what's working and what's not and will prevent you from constantly making unnecessary changes that skew the overall results.

Be kind to yourself in this process and remember that it takes time and patience to grow a successful passive income stream that can stand on it's own!

#3: Appreciate Each Sale You Make and Remember Each Customers Worth!

And finally, I want you to always remember the amazing feat it is to convince ANYONE to part with their hard-earned cash in exchange for something you've created and that they love!

It's so easy when you're building any online income stream to forget about the REAL people behind the analytics and just strive for more and more sales.

But whenever you're feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, tired or doubtful of your ability I want you to remember that whether you've made 2 sales or 600+...

Every new customer is a small confirmation that you're doing something RIGHT.

And, that if you just keep scaling your inventory, growing your traffic and giving love and attention to the process of growing your passive income stream- you'll encourage more and more of those awesome customers to show up!


Please leave a comment explaining your BIG reason why you want to create an art printable business in the comment section below.

Writing down your goals and making yourself accountable by showing that goal to other people, statistically makes you 50% more likely to succeed!!

So, tell me why do you want to create an art printable Etsy shop?